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Nintendude since 1984
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"Those iron bubbles only reflected my rusted dreams."

Trying to find my own digital style, I'm very open so ask me anything. :dummy:
Things I am actively drawing: Video game fan-art (mostly retro stuff), random chibi thingies and random random stuff...oh yeah...

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about me! :#1:
I'm a calm and patient Goth dude, I love video games and animé.
I also love poetry, painting and listening to music. I roam around the forums here and there looking to debate about stuff that doesn't really matter...or does it?

Summoning, Sólstafir, Amorphis, Caladan Brood, Lene Marlin, Sophie Zelmani

Video Games
Baten Kaitos, The legend of Zelda, Totally Rad, Morrowind, retro stuff in general.

Serial Experiments LAIN, DT Eightron, Honey and Clover, Detroit Metal City

Movies and Series
Alien Quadrilogy, Pan's Labyrinth, M*A*S*H, Columbo, Fawlty Towers.

Salvador Dali, William Turner, E.A.Poe, Alan Alda.

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"We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment. The alternative? - a world without whales. It's too terrible to imagine."
-Pierce Brosnan-

Life in Oakwist - a New Leaf MEGA Journal

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 6:48 AM
! info! All the little boxed arrows next to some of the highlighted words are links to the actual songs and such of the game (except for the Mayor Tom one, it IS a link to a song but that's just me being stupid XD ), be sure to listen to these masterpieces when you can though, most tracks are pretty short but these themes will change you forever so I highly recommend checking the links out! Also, this journal is long as f*ck so you better either really like Animal Crossing or me to read all of this. XD There might be minor spoilers in here about certain items that exist but after one year you probably know close to everything anyway and it's nothing major so...

Hello everyone, welcome to your travel guide for the town of Oakwist. Oakwist is a beautiful and natural town focusing heavily on green open spaces and tree growth.
The biggest part of the town's main infrastructure can be found near the very modern Town Hall where most villagers have chosen to live.
We have a wonderful bar, a small shopping district and a mushroom zen parc in the middle of the busy and lively area in the town center.
The outskirts of Oakwist is where you will find most of its charms, not a lot of patterns are found there, besides some nice mossy bricks in the central zone the whole town has been structured with rows of bushes and carefully placed flower beds.
Mayor Tom lives on the utmost point of the town surrounded by trees, near a waterfall with easy access to the harbor. He has been working hard this past year to make the town a great place to  live and a wonderful tourist attraction at that. Besides the wonderful Isabelle the Mayor has another assistant who hasn't been seen in quite some time, she usually helps with the big decisions that are to be made...we hope she is okay. Oakwist actually is a composed name chosen by both the Mayor and Assistant n°2, Oak selected by the Mayor for his love of trees, wild and strong and Wist derived from Wisteria the flowers of preference of Vala, assistant n°2, for their beauty and scent.
Lay Out Pathway Bushes by ripley4O77Lay Out Town Hall by ripley4O77
Layout 2 by ripley4O77Layout 4 by ripley4O77

ValaSedai a.k.a. Assistant n°2
friend Vala by ripley4O77

Old villagers that have moved out of Oakwist:
Margie I didn't like her but ValaSedai did and then one day she was just gone
Lucie We both liked her but needed space for 'better' subjects so nicely helped her move out when she asked
Beardo He creeped me out
Dotty I was sad when she randomly vanished one day, one of our originals
Frita Creepiest villager ever, hating her did not help us get rid of her so we befriended her, one week later she was gone.
Tipper one of our originals

Current Villagers living in Oakwist at this very moment:
Sparro original villager
Bones original villager
Hopper my number 2 favourite villager, grumpy people are the best
Pietro my New Leaf favourite (and I hate clowns), we have great fun together
Jitters He kinda grew on me with his empty stare of doom

Static He was at the campsite, I begged and groveled and finally he decided to move in
Ricky Gamecube nostalgia overload
Pietro 2 by ripley4O77

Most Wanted:
Rolf the grumpy old white tiger, we had him on the Wii
Anka most wanted for me besides Rolf
Stitches the awesome dead inside plush of doom we never had either
Clyde the fabulous horse! We also had him on the Wii
Genji most wanted for Vala besides Rolf
Villager Anka by ripley4O77

Taking a tour of my House:
House (11) by ripley4O77

The main room theme I basically always use is the cosy ranch equipped 'wooden hut' type. I always had K.K. Condor on but since I learned about K.K. Synth that song has kinda taken over. I have the pikmin ship out and a black pitfall seed and since the Red Snapper is my favourite fish I gave that one a little spot too. Plus my dutch windmill of course!
I had a picture of Bones out but exchanged it with the picture of Sparro because the pink frame clashed too much with the rest. The fireplace has always been one of my favourite items so I tend to use that as a starting point and build around it. The music box holds one of my favourite songs, the Go K.K. Rider music box version.
House (3) by ripley4O77       House (4) by ripley4O77

Besides my rustic main room I always make sure in any Animal crossing that I have a fancy modern styled bathroom with some chill music in the back ground. That bath is the normal square one but I had Cyrus give it the marble redesign instead. I'm also a big Gyroid fan, my favourites being the Freakoids, Timpanoids, Croakoids and Dekkoids, the latter two being in this bathroom together with the only existing Droploid. The song I have playing here is K.K. Soul. I had a toilet in there but it just looked weird and out of place so I removed it.
House (9) by ripley4O77

I also have a pretty simple retro medieval retro, the Nook Clock is hanging on the wall you can't see. I really loved the sconces and feel they fit perfectly in here. The flowers are the red carnations you get with father's day. I never in my LIFE thought I would ever use that cow rug. You know what's creepy in this game? When a hamster villager owns the hamster, or the octopy own other octopy and even when the cows have this cow rug, neither scale nor actual relations between things mean nothing in this game! As you can see I kept this room small just like the bathroom is kept at the medium size and I won't upgrade those meaning I will never be able to get the gold house model for example, at least not with my main character. There is no music playing in this room, just silence.
House (5) by ripley4O77

Talking about Medieval, here is my medieval tavern where food is always plenty! Knight armours, barrels and candles and tomato planters fill the room with that nice antique'y look, it's pretty sweet and I'm really happy with this room, it feels...original. The song I have here is obviously K.K. Adventure. All the food was definitely not easy to find, half of them were DLC only available in the US or in Asia.
House by ripley4O77   

Then we have the zen room, it has no music, the sounds come from the deer scare and the two metatoids creating a true serene atmosphere. I play 'go' here with my guests pretty often. I heavily focused on a natury room with lots of plants and wood while giving it that asian kinda look.
House (6) by ripley4O77

Finally we have the evil lab where I plan world domination through Metroid breeding. It wasn't easy getting four of those. OTL There is no music here either, just all the awesome sounds of the gadgets and devices and machines, lots of bleeping and blinking including the two Dinkoids. A must for any sci fi lab!
House (7) by ripley4O77

My Museum Exhibits:

Me and ValaSedai split the 4 exhibit rooms in two. The first one I created technically is not an exhibit. It's my cafeteria. You can get sushi here, hot dogs, salads, drinks, sandwiches, slushies and almost anything you can imagine. It's not free though so don't forget to pay at the cash register! Those damn seats took me 4 hours to refurbish at Cyrus' place! >:U
Exhibit (7) by ripley4O77     Exhibit by ripley4O77

The other exhibit I changed it a few times before settling on the 'World of Gold' exhibit. Here you will find rare specimens of great archaeological value from ancient Egypt, relics from old legends and furniture owned by rich lords. The two biggest pieces are without a doubt the Crowns from a King and Queen that ruled the lands in Terror a long time ago. The latter crown being a donation from a friend just like the Mario Coin which came from a different friend. Don't touch anything! That rope partition is there for a reason you know.
Exhibit (5) by ripley4O77     Exhibit (6) by ripley4O77

The two Exhibits Vala made were an awesome library complete with internet access to look up all that vital information you need and the other one a Gyroid storage facility.
Exhibit (2) by ripley4O77     Exhibit (4) by ripley4O77

The technical University:

Be sure to check out our technical university as well. The school is fully equipped with an arboretum and a science lab! The main reason I build a second house for myself is storage, there still isn't nearly enough storage space in this game, screw pokébank can I have an ikea warehouse please? I'd honestly pay for that. I might still expand on this school, it's still pretty new.
University (6) by ripley4O77University (4) by ripley4O77
University (2) by ripley4O77University by ripley4O77

Favourite Outfits:
My main outfit is usually the Grandpa hat, Gray Tartan shirt, black shoes (loafers I think), socks and pants and the big Bro Stache. I also have an Autumn variation of that with a bit more colours. The big bro stache is my favourite accessory.
friend Paleona by ripley4O77Outfit 5 (2) by ripley4O77

Another outfit I like is my custom NES shirt which includes the old Nintendo logo on the back, Green plaid shorts, Black Shoes,  the Cyber Shades and the 1-up cap. I always leave the NES shirt design when I visit a friend just like my fancy waiter outfit that I made.
Outfit 6 by ripley4O77

I also like using the Crown with the Fishing Vest...laid back King style yo!
Outfit 7 by ripley4O77

...and the Steam Punk Glasses with this nifty brown suit making me look like a hitman from the future. /o/
Outfit 3 by ripley4O77

Favourite Activities:
The things I like doing best are fishing, bug hunting and helping Villagers. that is if you do not count shaping the town because that is the absolute COOLEST! I love rearranging stuff, planting new things and removing trees. Building some awesome town projects always gets me fired up for progress! So basically remodelling of any kind, even indoors. I actually lied, I slightly dislike fishing, it's a love / hate thing, but strangely enough I really like the fishing tourney a bit more than the bug catching tourney even though I prefer hunting bugs in my free time. Tournements in general are actually quite fun.
Activities (2) by ripley4O77Activities 3 by ripley4O77
Activities (3) by ripley4O77Activities by ripley4O77

Favourite music:
K.K. Synth: Just like most of the world I learned of this song through Aika Village. I don't link the two together like most people do though. I think this is the most relaxing, atmospheric and calming song ever to have existed in the Animal Crossing universe. I love how melancholic it sounds and it just hits me in the right spot.
K.K. Condor: This used to be my most played song and the theme to most of the living rooms in any of the games, at least until K.K. Synth was created. It still holds a really strong second place though because by now this theme is a nostalgia overload to me and it's still so damn beautiful!
7 pm theme: Damn you Animal Crossing and your mind blowing soothing songs! I love it how this theme makes you feel all alone yet so at peace.
11pm theme: 30 years and those damn am/pm things still confuse me. This theme is my all time favourite overworld theme since like EVER! This piece just puts me in the zone you know. That ultimately comfy chill zone where you feel at your utmost relaxed. Bless you Kazumi Totaka.
Atmosphere by ripley4O77

Town projects wanted:
Flower beds:
Come oooon, gimme these already.
Steel bench: I don't mind the ones I have so far but they just aren't as natury looking.
Train Station Remodeling: I'm so close to these man, only like 10 visits from the outside left! Come visit me again my friends!
the Bridge story: Oh yeah, there is a story. The thing I've wanted since the very start of the game was get some of the awesome other bridge designs but up to this day no one ever requested any of them. Now yesterday I was looking up some info on what holidays were to come, weeding day was coming up, I wanted to know what the hell 'Topiairies' were so looked it up and there I kinda not on purpose read it... villagers will NOT, NEVER EVER request new bridge designs if you have build all 3 possible bridges... DUDE!? OF COURSE I build 3 bridges! Everyone on EARTH build 3 bridges. So yeah, today I nuked one of them so I can finally get these requests. Now I know why in the double dozen other towns I have visited only ONE person actually had one of the other bridge designs.
Dream Adress Visits by ripley4O77

Town Projects requested so far:

Town-Hall Renovation - Exotic
Town-Hall Renovation - Modern (in use)
Town-Hall Renovation - Fairy-Tale
Cobblestone Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Brick Bridge (the NEXT day after nuking one bridge I got this request! :la:)
Yellow Bench (in use)
Fairy-Tale Bench (in use x3)
Zen Bench
Drinking Fountain (in use)
Water Well
Fountain (in use)
Climbing Frame
Park Clock
Modern Clock
Zen Clock (in use)
Street Lamp (in use x8)
Street Light (in use)
Zen Garden (in Use)
Stone Tablet
Water Pump (in use)
Zen Bell (in use)
Rack of Rice
Fire Hydrant
Traffic Signal
Custom-Design Sign
Face-Out Standee
Caution Sign
Do-Not-Enter Sign
Yield Sign
Stadium Light
Drilling Rig (tempted to use XD )
Parabolic Antenna (in use)
Solar Panel
Wind Turbine (in use (1 only))
Lighthouse (in use(1 only))
Totem Pole
Moai Statue
Flower Clock (in use)

Medals collected:
Expert Bug Catcher
Skilled Angler
Pro Diver
Insect Encyclopedia
Fish Encyclopedia
Seafood Encyclopedia
Balloon Hunter
Bronze Medalist
Village Gardener
Good Shopper
Refurbishing Beginner
Catalog Maniac Bronze
Happy Homer Bronze
Great Samaritan
Good Host
Village Leader

Collections status:
Fish: 10 missing
6 missing
5 missing
Furniture: 716
Wallpapers: 66
Floors: 68
Shirts: 136
Pants / Skirts: 42
Dresses: 25
Hats: 106
Accessories: 40
Socks / Shoes: 39
Umbrellas: 14
Paper: 34
K.K. Songs: 59
Gyroids: 72
Fossils: 2 missing
Give or take 1 or 2 from any of these. If you would like to know if I own a specific piece then please ask, listing each and every single item was a definite no go.

Favourite people to visit / recieve
These are the people I have or who have visited me the most and who I have the most fun with.
Friend Cavea by ripley4O77

Friend Suus by ripley4O77

friend Paleona by ripley4O77

Friend Quolia by ripley4O77

Friend Boblitt by ripley4O77

Rare items collected:
Campus Set
7/11 Set
Top (Korea only)
Bamboo Grass
Carboard Closet
Cardboard Table
Sloppy Table
Carp Banner
Cherry Blossom Clock
Cat Tower
Café set
Fedora Chair
Holiday Stocking
Veggie Basket
Leaf Bed
Sprout Table
Pumpkin Pie
Raccoon Wall Clock
Slushie Machine
Snowman Matryoska
Rolling Suitcase
pic of Bones
pic of Sparro
pic of Don Resetti

Some monthly DLC and such were not added to this list, also, I live in the EU which is why I don't own a lot of US stuff, if you wonder if I own something you don't see on here feel free to ask, I just randomly wrote these down without purpose or thought

Random info:
Hidden Easter Egg: At 3:33 AM on Sunday after midnight (so basically monday in the REALLY early morning) turn on your tv. Aliens will land (in the tv set) and try and abduct you with their demonic speech. It's short, about a 30 seconds to a minute long only, but creepy enough and a MUST see experience!
Total playtime so far: 525:16 hours
Worst Experience: Okay sad story time, so Rolf is the Villager I want more than anything. I kept visiting people who had him to increase my chances of getting him. I was stuck at 9 villagers for a while until one day Beardo moved in, that creepy pedo bear. So now I was at 10 villagers, guess who, the next freaking day, moved into the campsite. Rolf, this hurt me so much and I was sad bro, really sad. Seeing him there, not being able to do anything about it and just having to watch him leave again, totally uncool heartbreak man. ;A;
villager Rolf by ripley4O77

    7400 - 2444 - 8257

New Leaf - small beginnings by ripley4O77

Resetti by ripley4O77


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